kamen rider Dragoon / Jin Bellum


solo :d8
buddy : d10
team :d6

distinctions :
cutting edge tech
unrivaled will
pride of the dragoon
power sets : Henshin ! Lancer form
enhanced durability :8
enhanced strength 8
weapon 6
super human reflexes:10

SFX: rider punch : -1 pp
double any powerset for one action
SFX : dragoons flight ( boost) -1pp
shut down highest power set power, for one action
limit : a human body can only take so much : gm decides when suit has been used too much, and i take d4 stress

Power set (2) Sky king form (take advantage of watcher, spend 1 pp)
flight 6
enhanced strength8
weapon 8
enhanced durability 6
super human reflexes 8
enhanced speed:6

SFX :hurricane strike (area attack) gain a d6 and gain an additional eff dice, -1 pp

SFX : Rider kick

limit : im only a man : d6 physical stress, d4 mental stress

acrobatic stunts 6
combat stunts 10
tech expert 6
vehicle stunts 8

mile stone :
I do my own stunts
1xp when i take stress from trying to be flashy
3xp when i take trauma form trying to be flashy
10xp when you turn down a flashy stunt, or some one from ‘dangerous love’ is hurt form a stunt
dangerous love.


kamen rider Dragoon / Jin Bellum

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