Douglas Reynholm

Conflicted soul




Buddy: d6
Solo: d10
Team: d8


Shooting Star of God; Conflicting Interests; On the Run

Fallen Angel:

Strength d10
Reflexes d12
Senses d6 (Can tell by looking at someone their “sins” or how bad or good they are)
stamina d10

SFX Immunity: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from mystical sources

SFX Healing Factor: Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your
physical trauma by –1.

Cloud of God:


Please ignore the random crap I was too lazy to get rid of.

Flight: d8
Elemental: d10
Psychic Blast(Unholy visage): d8
Intangible: d8

SFX: Flesh to Fog (At the cost of a PP, character Can become cloud like/fog like to negate a single physical attack. Watcher can spend a die from the Doom Pool to shut down this ability)

SFX Area Attack Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to
your pool and keep +1 effect die.

Limit: Gain 1 PP to begin the scene with this power shut down. Activate a Watcher opportunity to activate it.


Menace d10

Mystic: d8

Combat: d8

Covert: d8



Douglas is, in appearance, a gentleman of only 30. In reality, he hasn’t aged a day since the early 1960s when he was approached, in the middle of nowhere on a roadtrip out West, by a bleeding and viciously beaten man. Douglas did was he could for the guy, using the minor skills he learned as a medic in the army, but to no avail. The body died, but the spirit bound within was freed. With no where else to hide, the conniving and less than altruistic spirit of Chazagiel bound himself to Douglas. A fallen angel on the run from Heaven itself. Little did Chazaqiel know that Douglas was a man almost unmarred by sin. This purity has perpetually been in conflict with Chazaqiel’s underhanded and needs must to survive all this time. Douglas approached him with the idea of doing good, to try and win points in heaven, maybe eventually gaining his reprieve. Together, they run and do good and help people on the chance that Chazaqiel will be redeemed, constantly on the run and in hiding from Heaven’s forces.

Douglas Reynholm

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